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Boxygen Vocals Cloud Business VoIP Phone System

Boxygen Vocals Cloud business phone system or Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the technology that allows users to place phone calls over an Internet connection. With the rise of remote work, VoIP has become the top choice for consumers and businesses.

VoIP offers the fully integrated communication strategy your team needs. A VoIP phone number isn’t hardwired to a single phone line on your desk. Instead, you receive calls using an app on your laptop or mobile device.

At Boxygen Brands, we specialize in providing cutting-edge communications solutions for your business, and as a trusted VoIP provider, we can handle everything for you.

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Top Benefits of Boxygen Vocals Cloud Business VoIP Phone System

  • Lower Cost: VoIP helps you lower your overall technology costs. With VoIP, you no longer have to pay per call minutes or unpredictable long-distance fees. Instead, you’ll get better service for a predictable subscription fee and very little up-front costs.
  • Easy Install and Management: A VoIP is incredibly easy to install and offers greater manageability than traditional phone lines. Additionally, VoIP offers scalability, so you can add or subtract phone numbers at any time without a technician’s visit.
  • Remote-Ready: VoIP supports a truly mobile workforce. Since the system handles phone calls over the Internet, calls are not limited to a single location. The phone number follows an employee anywhere they go with an Internet connection. Users can place or receive calls via an app on his or her smartphone, home phone, or computer.
  • Increased Productivity: VoIP offers a unified communications strategy where phone calls, video conferencing, text, email, and live chat are located in one single application. This helps improve communication, productivity, and collaboration.
  • Highly Reliable: a VoIP system runs using an Internet connection; however, even in an event of an Internet outage, a VoIP system can continue to ring on a mobile app or PC softphone. Also, instead of a single point of failure like most traditional phone systems, a VoIP system is backed by multiple data centers that provide real-time replication of your business’s phone system.

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Switching to Boxygen Vocals Cloud Business Phone System will help your business save money and increase. If you’re interested in simplifying your communication strategy by implementing a cloud based business phone system, get in touch today.

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